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Sunday, August 23, 2009

it's very hard to come to a intermission with words, when you are used and practice all day to communicate with images. We are not talking about art , yet. And i will hesitate to talk about other arts, as music or literature because that is not my ground. It can take you a thousand words to express an image , but only an image to express a thousand words therefore , i will try to communicate the best way i know ^^.
I usually tend to work on illustrations or characters meant for games or comics , it's fun , it's childish in a way and keeps me in a happy zone , but there will always be that dark corner that puts a brush in my hand and a canvas in front of me , it's the moment when i start a lie to make others realize truth .
Here is an insight into my sketchbook and other stuff that i can't quite give an explanation for. Maybe the close i can get to an explanation, is emotion. When in work on an illustration the main factors that fuel it are the city and the people i meat every day , i think ... that in the case of this category of works, is emotion , raw emotion , love - hate and everything in-between, I'm just a dreamer ridden by desires...

This monkey gone to heaven!

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