Leaking Rust

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The past few months were crazy, but here's what surfaced. Some of you might still remember this title from this spring. No worryes,"Leaking rust" is the name, and its the 1st book from a possible series of 3 that has no name it, or does it!

 Some of you might still remember it from this spring when it first surfaced, since them a lot of time has been put in developing the story as a hole.

No use wasting your time on reminiscing, here's what you need to know so far!

I decided to make this post to let you know what's what and what's "Leaking Rust" more important.

First of all, as i said, "leaking rust" is the ice breaker in this series. The action is going to revolve around a set of characters that happen to enter a new world. Nothing different here, seen it in tons of stories.

What's so special about this you might ask. Well, in a sense everything is special and counts very little in comparison to the situation in which the characters are placed.

The book is gonna start of with 6 characters, strangers from one another, more or less. Going about their lives on the mega cruise ship named " L.K.N. Trust ". Sitting dead in the water for almost 200 years, the ship started of as a voyage to a new world and a new life for everybody, nobody expected that the ship will one day become their entire world. Due to it's isolation, the ship, has become their land and nothing else exists other then the fish swimming around them. Routine on the ship is as thick as the smoke pumped from allover, when something disrupts this blissful coma, but only a few are conciously aware of it.

So far i introduced to you two of the characters "Hertz" and "Octo", and a couple of more to follow.

In the upcoming months I am gonna keep you posted on how all of this gets the shape of a graphic novel.

So far a publisher hasn't been decided on.

Stand by,
i'm gona get back to you with a couple more juici bits.

the "Scarlet Guard", elite unis
"The Sargent"
character presentation from 2nd chapter

character sheet, roughs
pencil work from the second chapter

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